About Us

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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

We make quality education accessible to everyone by leading a culture of lifelong learning — through investing in and developing innovative and diverse education models; Creating brighter futures for our students as well as creating sustainable value for our partners and community.

Our Mission

It is our mission to lead education continuously and inventively. We believe that education is a lifelong journey and that every child has the right to quality education. We provide integrated learning environments and innovative frameworks directed by our education leaders and teaching professionals to guarantee that every individual student acquire a variety of personalised skills, shaping tomorrow's leaders and creating their brighter futures.

Our Values


Our Values

We are One Team

Success doesn’t come in silos, we believe work collaboration and achieving goals come from strong teams

Devotion is our key to success

Maintaining the excellence of work is our daily challenge

We Are Open And Fair

Working in a trustworthy environment leads to more productivity

We embrace the opportunities

Leading the market with the latest technologies and innovative ideas

We Grow With Diversity

Sharing different backgrounds and diverse experiences gives us our edge

Egypt’s Fastest Growing Education Provider

EEP’s portfolio currently comprises 19 assets across Cairo, Alexandria and soon in Soma Bay; 11 schools at various stages of development with a combined capacity reaching around 20k students, 8 Pre-School Branches with combined capacity close to 1000 students. The platform operates in the Egyptian market under 5 different verticals and brand names including GEMS International Schools, Hayah Schools, Prime International Language Schools, Trillium Preschools alongside investments in adjacent services like student transportation which is rendered through the platform’s majority owned by Option Travel.

As EEP continues to grow, we are committed to providing the highest quality education possible to our students.

Thanks to the hard work of our staff and students, EEP is quickly becoming one of the leading educational providers in Egypt.