Our Guiding Principles

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Guiding Principles

In accordance with our 5 main values the following principles have been designed to provide a framework aligning with our strategies:

Benchmarking our Education Standards

We are committed to bring the latest trends and highest quality of education to fulfill our students’ needs and help them grow by optimizing their learning experience everyday

Community Engagement

We are committed to continuous development & pushing boundaries of possibilities to our community, which is achieved by our proactive team

Embracing Integrity

We are committed to communicate effectively with our families & delivering our promises with integrity

Experiencing Innovation

We are committed to staying one step ahead, creating brighter futures; by leading the way with top notch facilities, housing Robotics, STEM, and VR/AI capabilities.

Promoting Diversity

We are committed to providing learning opportunities with diversity by offering a variety of curricula including the National Curriculum of England, American through IB Framework, and National schools. In addition merging between two educational systems (Prime International Language Schools) gives us the edge for offering the advantages of both models presenting the finest ecosystem to help students flourish their mindsets. Not to mention our Montessori pre-schools and character-building models.