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Leadership and Purpose

Our Senior Leadership Team is composed of 8 members, under the leadership of Ahmed Wahby EEP-CEO. Our central corporate team is divided into different divisions who manage our departments. Respectively, our organization is formed of International, Prime International Language Schools; EEP & Schools Operations; Marketing, Enrollment & Corporate Communications; HR handling our staff members’ matters; Finally, the finance team supervising all the financials. Each of these departments’ work is executed by our Senior Leadership Teams followed by the Executive Teams.

Division of Responsibility

We operate more efficiently with high productivity because our teams are equally accountable and responsible. Our regular meetings keep us always aligned with our usual work and having a well-established structure clarifies our staff daily goals.

Stability and Balance

We have sets of consistent policies where they match with our mission, vision and values, and the board ensures that EEP achieves them through its short-term and long-term goals.

Maintaining Sustainability

We monitor and asses our organization regularly, to ensure we comply with the educational standards, as well as corporate and regulatory policies and requirements. We are making excellent progress in our Education Planning and Quality Assurance Program led by our Central Education Department in Egypt; in collaboration with our headquarters in Dubai. This ensures we carry on with our journey to reach top notch education quality across all our schools.

Shareholders Relations & Partners

Achieving our strategic goals is our main reason of maintaining excellent relations with our Shareholders and Partners. We believe our comprehensive management education model will help to expand our geographical presence in the local market while maximizing value for shareholders through long-term impactful investments.